Formerly known as Bella Giardino, North Valley Garden has undergone a remarkable transformation since opening its doors. Due to permitting issues, Bella Giardino was forced to shut its doors, leaving behind a property that fell into disarray. However, a growing church eager to breathe new life into the wedding venue purchased the property in 2015. With unwavering determination and a sprinkle of divine intervention, the church took on the monumental task of restoring the garden to it's former beauty. Through countless hours of hard work and investment, the once-vandalized grounds were reborn, blossoming into the tranquil oasis that it is today. North Valley Garden staff work diligently to ensure each celebration is as unique and unforgettable as the love story it represents.

Our Story

Ceremony and Reception: 8 hours
Reception and Private Events: 5 hours
Ceremony Only: 3 hours

All events must end by 10PM. This is when the music will end.

North Valley Garden provides all set-up and breakdown of: Tables, Chairs, Linens, and Decor.

Private Bride and Groom Suites
Bistro Lighting
Heaters, Misters, and Fans
Beautifully Manicured Garden
Cascading Stone Waterfall
Cathedral Arches
Access to Desert Views